April, 2014

Growing Beets

Beets can be sown directly into the ground starting one month before the last frost and then successively throughout the spring, summer and fall. Seeds should be presoaked in water for 24 hours, sown ½” deep and thinned from 4-6” apart when they are 2-3” high.

Beets like a rich soil, neutral to alkaline, but the soil should not be too acidic. They should not be allowed to dry out. You can start pulling up the roots when they are 1½ to 2” in diameter or water until they are full size, depending on the variety. The individual leaves can be cut for salads or sautéing at any time, as long as only one or two are removed.

Beets are a member of the Goosefoot family along with Swiss chard, spinach and quinoa.


Beet Projects


  1. Plant beets.
  2. Plan to cook a meal featuring beets once a month (or once a week!)  Invite your friends and neighbors. Talk about where all the various parts of your meal came from.
  3. Learn a new recipe with your kids. Help them to prepare a meal or part of the meal.
  4. Look for and attend OVOC events around town, cooking demonstrations, discussions, community
  5. potlucks, and more on our community calendar on our website.
  6. Consider joining a group that is learning about or working on food issues in our community.



(Restaurants, Businesses, Faith Communities, Civic Organizations)

  1. Plant beets. They will grow well in containers of rich soil in front of your business or meeting place.
  2. Consider planting a community garden together, to share or donate the harvest.
  3. Find ways to feature beets in fun ways in the work you already do,
    • a weekly special at your restaurant,
    • hosting a book or film discussion, or
    • a feature on your website.
  4. Plan a meal with co‐workers. Or, volunteer to cook a meal featuring beets at a soup kitchen.
  5. Your business or organization will be listed as  a  One Vegetable One Community Sponsor
    • on our website,
    • and in publicity for OVOC events.