Veggie of the Year for 2016 is… Beans

2650826_xlFresh green and purple beans were selected as the 2016 veggie of the year for Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes, and Pelican Rapids. Seed kits are being distributed now.

Many thanks to this year’s program sponsors:

In Detroit Lakes

Essentia Health – St. Mary’s Detroit Lakes

Detroit Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce

Lakes Area Farmers Market

PartnerSHIP 4 Health

Becker County Extension

La Barista

In Fergus Falls

Lake Region Healthcare

Fergus Falls Community Education

Otter Tail County Public Health

Fergus Falls Farmers Market

PartnerSHIP 4 Health

Fergus Falls Public Library

Otter Tail County Extension

In Pelican Rapids

Essentia Health in Pelican Rapids

Sanford Health

The Welcome Place

Pelican Rapids Food Shelf

PartnerSHIP 4 Health

Pelican Rapids Chamber of Commerce

Otter Tail County Extension

Want to grow your own garden?

Visit the Fergus Falls Seed Library at the Fergus Falls Public Library’s website to learn more about their goal for every household in Fergus Falls to grow fresh food — whether it be on a windowsill, in a container or in a square foot garden. They provide free seeds and education to create a more resilient local food system and healthier community.

Free Seeds

Borrow up to 5 packets of seeds per person (they’re free)! Learn “How to Grow and Save Seeds” both for your own garden next year and to return some to the seed library in the fall.

Donate Seeds

Fill out our donation form to contribute your seeds or bring in unused seed packets.

Learn more about beans

Learn more about beans here. Or try out our collection of recipes. 





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